André Sousa


Working on landscape and art, I propose precarious exercises in “anti-glorification” of the creative process. I am totally permeable to my surroundings. I play with the parts and the whole. Crossing visual languages and cultural references, I use different media and materials. Drawing, painting, photography, video, sculpture and performance can be found in the same project, their sum becoming an installation that gives unity to different objects. Interested both in museology and in the “pirate” usage of images, I built dissonances that test the meaning of an author`s unity in a world of contrasts. The exhibition space is where different realities come together. Each project reacts to the exhibition space, thus providing continuity to a process started in the exterior world. Every set of images is part of an ongoing process of redefining axes – without forgetting where North is – and making the net of connections bigger and bigger.

01.12.2008 – 30.11.2009