Akiko Utsumi


This is also your day, 2015, mixed media installation, dimensions variable

I create another scene using perceptual images to „re-experience“ a certain event or place. While motion pictures provide concrete images, and signify meaning (photographs are always photographs of something), I try to create an intersection between fiction and reality.

Memory functions similarily to the way motion pictures „replay“ the “past“. It varies depending on when it is replayed. The present is intertwined with all point in time. We sometimes need to recognize this continuity. Hence, I use existence of objects themselves, and images that represent the passing of time to create scenery of multitiered images, which allows the viewer to sympathize with the past or the time that has yet to come.

Through space, including the blank spaces that indicate uncertain boundaries, I attempt to create certain „experiences“ for you, the spectator.

01.04.2016 – 01.04.2017