Åsa Cederqvist


Gestures and Gaps, (Detail), 2015, Installation, various material, wall size 4 x 5 m, Photo: Jean-Baptiste Beranger

Cederqvist’s practice spans over film, sculpture, textiles and performance, proposing a spatial experience, embodiment and activism. Her works often suggests a layered narrative and a strong sense of transformation, as if they were in a constant making – the recent series of works Gestures and Gaps (2015) being a good example of this. Presently she’s working with an interdisciplinary project in many parts that explores instincts, trust and loss of control.

“Through the act of playing, and study of knowledge production, personal growth, behavioral science and the use of expectations and suspense, my on-going practice if set to manifest the importance of physical understanding and a non-rational and multi-layered communication. Inherent lies the investigation of everyday magic, meaning making, spatial drama and co-creative processes.”

15.04. – 15.10.2017