Theodoros Stamatogiannis


Ohne Titel, 2016, Modified bituminous sheeting for roofing, awning arms, metal fixtures, 730 x 240 x 20 cm

Theodoros‘ work explores the intersection of sculpture and architecture by introducing physical, social or psychological interventions and sculptures. Using architectural components such as awnings, floors, doors, windows or other architectural objects, processes and materials like modified bituminous sheeting , he perturbs the way that we use or perceive these elements. Theodoros’ most recent practice focuses on the investigation of storefronts’ properties — design, construction materials, state of repair/disrepair, etc, examining how storefronts, as an architectural boundary, act as vertical borders between private and public spaces, and influence one’s experience of an urban environment.

01.11.2017 – 01.03.2018