Sam Smith


Reflex Composition 4, Film Still, 2013, Courtesy Sam Smith und 3+1 Arte Contemporânea, Lissabon, Portugal

Sam Smith works across sculptural construction and moving image to create a visual language that speaks to both the history of cinema and its possible future forms. By intersecting the formal and conceptual frameworks that have previously separated these artistic disciplines, Smith asks us to rethink sculpture as montage, cinematic editing as object construction, and technical image apparatus as subject.

In his spatial exercises, reflective narratives and structural experiments, Smith connects new technologies with traditional processes. He invests film and video with ideas relating to three-dimensional space while also expanding object-based work into temporal territory. The camera, lens and frame are foregrounded, transgressing their function in reflections on their own construction. His aesthetic moves beyond theoretical deconstruction toward an expression that is contemplative, exploratory and elegant in tone.

01.07.2013 – 01.07.2014