Ryu Biho


A Man Who Became a Landscape #1, 2015, Single Channel Video, 12 min 6 sek

Through my body of work I have explored, via the language of film, the tragic emotions of sorrow, pity, suffering, and longing that arise in or as a consequence of situations of conflict, confrontation, or discrimination, situations that are wrought by contemporary politics and society.

Recent works reflect my growing interest in thinking through the intersections of the individual, society, and artistic practice, marking a departure from my earlier experimental works in the emphasis placed on art’s sociality. This tangential development of my interests and explorations has also been instrumental in shifting my artistic language toward literary motifs and filmic mise en scène. These recent preoccupations differentiate my work from the more formal or incendiary artistic approaches.

I continue to address real social and political themes in my work while striving to create an emotional space in which I can look and think these issues with a level head. This to me seems a form of aesthetic practice that could reach the individual as a ray of light in these murky, disorienting times.

15.03.2017 – 15.03.2018


Arts Council Korea