Noa Nahari


I am interested in art which examines the boundaries of the physical body. In my work, I try to create experiences in which the human body interacts with the art object and transformed by its process. The interaction of the body and mind often  lead  me to examine the intermediate path to sitespecific interactive installations that connect different mediums. The experiential physical space At the same time constitute a metaphorical and conceptual space that incorporates the ‚Spirit of Time‘.

In my current work, the folds-pleats of skin, which is considered an external shell, is a cover that reveals „the clothing of the soul.“ The feature of the pleat with its softness, flexibility and infinite possibilities, defines a paradigm in a new thinking through the laws of the structure of the material, the atom. Its allow the paradoxical expanses of the multiplicity of singulars to exist in the  endless journey of life.

01.03. – 20.08.2019