Mia-Nelle Drøschler


Untitled, Acryl und Öl auf MDF, 140 cm x 100 cm, 2017

I work in the interdisciplinary field of painting, installation, performance, sculpture
and text.

I believe it is significant to counter reaction to the intellectual movements such as minimalist and conceptual art that has neglected the art’s ability to activate the imagination, and give way to human emotions. Therefore, all my works are carried out in the intuitive and spontaneous nature.

My gesture in painting, sculptures and installations thus have references to Neoexpressionism, having the figurative as a coherent focus with strong and vibrant colors.

The content are memory, subconsciousness and gender. In the individuel work I capture volatile and dramatic scenes where memories and dreams collide between past and present. My presentation of my memories often have a dreamlike quality. This implies the idea of memory as colorful ghosts of their original structures.

15.08. – 15.09.2018