Martha Colburn


In my work so far, I have used the language and materials of filmmaking to comment on popular culture, history, politics and sexuality. I have mainly focused on contemporary topics, which I tackle through a montage of techniques combining live action, animation and found footage. My work consists of elaborately layered collages, works on paper, paintings, installations, writings and live performances with musicians. Myth Labs (2008), for instance, is physically constructed to convey the idea that we are always fighting our own past and addresses the methamphetamine problem. Triumph of the Wild (2008) uses puzzles to explore the psychological states of players and victims in the game of war. With Dolls vs. Dictators (2010) I made a film featuring eight of the world’s living dictators. The film Metamorfoza (2013) is about the siege of Leningrad, and Day of the Dutch (2014) alludes to the Atomic family and the Day of the Dead.

01.04. – 31.07.2014