James Nizam


James Nizam explores our relationship with architecture, light, time and space in ways that are at once physical and metaphorical. His practice is rooted in a spectrum of photographic technologies, both old and new, that he uses to explore an expanded field of interrelated mediums, from photographs and sculptural objects to installations and architecture. Each work functions as a waypoint in an ongoing contemplation of the appearance and materiality of space; how light in and on architecture tracks time, as an apparatus that expands photography both spatially and temporally; and the dimensions of human existence in terms of the physical, perceptual, and technological interiority that defines us. Nizam’s work is intimately concerned with our ways in the world and how we inhabit it, challenging us to see and trust these constructions of space, time, perception and illumination in new ways.

01.09.2019 – 15.05.2020