Hiromi Stringer


The Time Traveler Umeyama’s Report: The Sacred Red and White, 2015, Sumi ink and gouache on oriental paper, 22 x 40 inches

Stringer’s fictional museum, Umeyama Time Teleportation Museum (UTTM), showcases the achievements and influences of the world’s first time-traveler, Shoei Umeyama. Umeyama teleported out of mid-1800’s Japan and produced ink paintings/reports as a record of this modern-day world of America, Germany, etc. As a scholar of the Tokugawa shogunate, he analyzed the phenomena and objects he encountered utilizing his knowledge, creating the paintings/reports as his way of making sense of the modern world. Today’s viewer gains a fresh insight into the quotidian.
The museum’s mission statement is also an important part of Hiromi’s statement for the body of work. The following is a modified excerpt of the statement: We (UTTM)/I (myself) believe that that maintaining and being aware of diverse perspectives is crucial for mutual communication, compassion and surviving in this contemporary milieu.

15.10.2019 – 15.01.2020