Esther Tielemans


In her work, Esther Tielemans reflects on the fundaments of painting. With mirroring monochromes, references to landscape painting executed on wooden panels composed in space, she explores the third dimension of the flat canvas and challenges the viewer to physically relate to her work. A central aspect in Tielemans’ new work is the subjective sensation and memory of a landscape. The loose movement in her brushstrokes seems to hint at a cloudy sky. However, it is not the depiction that counts here, but the reminiscence and sensation that a landscape could evoke. The panels have angular cut-outs placed in them, as pixels from the background that have been magnified: images in images, similar to how remembrance may become fragmented in time, and certain memories remain more vivid than others. The cut-outs suggest a layered spatiality without actually emerging from the flat surface, they evoke a silent tension between abstraction and loose brush stroke, between flat surface and three dimensionality.

Textauszug von / excerpt from a text by Celina Yavelow

01.04. – 01.08.2016