Erina Matsui


My practice is focused on self-portraiture. I have been exploring the unique propositions that it presents in my own way, while attempting to create works that open up to the audience with a pleasant surprise, just like unwrapping a present.

The self-portrait has a long history and is a process of self-observation, which can be both objective and subjective. What we see in self-portraits are not only the artist him/herself but also the microcosms around the artist. I continuously work on self-portraits to draw perspectives of the world that are familiar and real to myself. Many of the inspirations for my work come from pleasant encounters and funny moments in my everyday life, which I attempt to capture and fix onto canvas.

I try to grasp the characteristics of the materials I use in my work. For example, to achieve my own skin color I apply layers and layers of paint on canvas with a wide variety of brushes, rub oil paint with my fingers and draw every hairline for hours and hours. These processes are always accompanied with a consideration of the space where the work will be situated and how the work will affect the site.

The characters and toys in my paintings are essential elements of my own microcosm and also icons that I can share with the viewer. Growing up in Japan surrounded by the values of KAWAII has certainly affected me. I believe my paintings are made by comparing myself with the world that enjoys such culture. (Deutsche Übersetzung folgt)


01.01. – 30.06.2013