Deok Yeoung Gim


‘Things that are latent and oppressed, heterogeneous and unfamiliar make ordinary life feel uneasy and unstable as they burst out at certain moment. They make ordinary life all dubious and uncontrollable.’

My work is about coexistence of inside and outside, surface and mass. These two opposite characteristics coexist in various forms like parasite to each other. Sometimes, they reveal their hidden form of the opposite side (“Wave” series, 2007-2009); they claim their existence by living as a parasite in another (“Parasite Project #1”, 2010); or they break down the barrier or invade each other’s territory (“Parasite Project #2: Pang!”, 2011).

As one’s emotions get saturated to its limit, I am focusing on the saturated energy in the hidden place, which can be exploded at any point. The ‘surface’, which is used to protect and hide from exterior, can no longer handle the saturated energy from the inside and reveals new images of crack. “Return to Wave” reveals the inner energy that is channeled out as an event and the ‚Parasite Project‘ is yet another attempt to explore the various types of cracks. I am suggesting the symbolic imagery of cracks and its surplus to evoke our contemporary society and its cause-and-effect.


01.04. – 31.07.2014