Carl Johan Högberg


Shuttlecock feat. Bob’s Your Uncle Sports Bar, 2015, Ausstellungsansicht Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen, Norway, diverse Materialien, Größe variabel

A shuttlecock is the feathered projectile badminton players keep airborne by hitting it to each other across a net. It can leave a racket faster than a tennis ball can, but once it catches the air it swoops in a buoyant arc, led by its round rubber nib, until the receiving player relaunches it from her racquet. It flies fast and slow from the same stroke, but the nib must never touch the ground. The player who eventually, inevitably, lets the shuttlecock fall loses a point to her opponent, and the next rally begins.

– Excerpt from Anthea Buys’s essay “Painting in Flat Time”, published in joint with Högberg’s solo exhibition “Shuttlecock feat. Bob’s Your Uncle Sports Bar” at Hordaland Kunstsenter, 2015.

In his work, Carl Johan Högberg (b. 1979, Eskilstuna, Sweden) explores the relationships between physical activity, digital media and the tradition of painting.

01.08. – 01.12.2016