Amada Miller


Marbled 1, 2017, Onion Skin dyed linen, hand-marbled linen, thread 132 cm x 178 cm. Courtesy die Künstlerin

My work investigates and observes natural processes on their own terms, relating them to the broader universe to present new means of looking at the world. I adopt observational qualities of a scientist, experimenting with materials to achieve potential results, and responding to unexpected outcomes. My recent work reveals a new type of chemistry pairing clay, indigo, meteorites, and glass; materials we might regard as extreme until we realize the sources that make them possible.

Sourcing materials from libraries, archives, the Lunar & Planetary Institute, etc., I collect and work with images that build a narrative around the origins of traditional knowledge, such as natural dye techniques, pairing these lost traditions with fundamental concepts like timekeeping and pondering our position in the universe.




15.04. – 15.07.2018