Aline Alagem


In my large scale paintings and video animation work, images of passion, beauty, pain, porn, taste, memory and identity, inspire me to explore the gap between their appearance as images, and their original DNA or motivation.

I want to touch the sensation of the constant and emptied climax, with the ongoing lack of catharsis that results from this frantic visual and rhythmical flood surrounding us. The desperate attempt to accommodate images that have already lost their source and turned to hyper-images, ending in a too-much-yet-never-enough restless sensation.

I dissemble and allegedly reassemble fragments into dense compositions with this void in mind. I try to find a place, through form, image or sound that can be partly innocent of this cloning, meaning the most personal, and primary place possible.

The hyper realist painting or the figuratively dense animation video, might imply an internal logic, in composition and momentum, yet this logic isn’t accessible for immediate decoding, and suggests a deeper current flowing beneath the surface.


01.01. – 30.06.2016