Tomoko Kawai


Polyphonic Garden, Mixed Media Installation, 2016

While inquiring into the uncertainty lying within culture, society and history, Kawai creates photographic works through everyday activities as well as fieldwork and research in a different regions and fields. Photographic images are ambiguous, not necessarily pointing to any one truth and guaranteeing nothing. Photos are included in the works positioned as “barely fixed objects.” As all are surrounded by the ambiguity of being “like something,” descending into dysfunction and insecurity zones, photographic images, as the slightest semblance of order, indicate where in the surrounding environment will be the axis. In recent years, through such photographic consideration being considerably expanded as an “axis-like topos” into installations with three-dimensional objects and video images, she is engaged in creating multilayered works that are also permeated with spatial connection.

15.03.2017 – 15.03.2018