Amada Miller


Breccia Folds, 2018, Moon breccia thin sections viewed through polarized light, Digitaldruck auf Seidenchiffon. Dimensionen variabel. Courtesy die Künstlerin

Working with fiber, sculpture, and installation, Amada Miller investigates and observes natural processes on their own terms, relating them to the broader universe to present new means of looking at the world. She adopts the observational qualities of a scientist, experimenting to achieve potential results, and responding to unexpected outcomes. Sourcing materials from NASA, the Lunar & Planetary Institute, and ESA, Miller delves into the origins of dye materials and traditions, which bring her deep into early civilizations, as well as fundamental concepts like timekeeping and pondering our position in the universe — ideas that remain mysteries to even our most eminent scientists. Her dye and clay resist paintings mimic the endlessness of outer space, with its skeins of dust obscuring multitudes of starlight, Miller’s work perhaps allows us to feel closer to our ungraspable cosmos.



15.04. – 15.07.2018